Managed Security Service Provider

Keep your IT safe and secure through the careful cybersecurity management and monitoring by our tech experts

Is your IT safe from the most sophisticated cyberthreats? Keeping your IT network protected against potentially devastating cyberattacks should be your top priority because without these measures, your business could suffer huge financial losses or even a complete shutdown.

Karpel Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to handle your cybersecurity so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll keep your IT safe while you focus on other important aspects of your business.

With Karpel Solutions acting as your Managed Security Service Provider, you will get:

  • Updated and feature-packed cybersecurity solutions - complete coverage that can handle various types of cyberthreats
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance - round-the-clock vigilance leaves no room for complacency
  • Vulnerability checks and audits - regular penetration testing to detect and then fix any weaknesses in your cybersecurity schemes
  • Advanced threat detection tools - proactively hunting potential threats and either preventing or quickly destroying them

“As your Managed Security Services Provider, Karpel Solutions will comprehensively handle every aspect of your cybersecurity, keeping you safe without you having to lift a finger.”

Get Your Free Network Assessment

Karpel Solutions audits your current IT security systems and supplements them with crucial cybersecurity solutions that will protect your business against the gravest threats.

Whether it is managing your firewall or scanning your IT for security vulnerabilities, our experts are constantly working on improving your cybersecurity.

By choosing us as your trusted Managed Security Service Provider, you are securing your business IT against a multitude of threats now and in the future.