Karpel personnel are technically knowledgeable, highly responsive and just good people. Karpel helped us plan and flawlessly execute a major software upgrade that required a transition from a client-deployed hosted on our servers to a web-based application. Karpel personnel are technically ...Read More

Joe Burris
Car Credit City, LLC

We appreciate the technical expertise Karpel brings to our banks. With 17 branches and offices around Missouri it is important to partner with a firm that understands our industry and the importance of both network security and productivity achieved by constant maintenance of our network.

Tom Keiser
BancStar, Inc.

Karpel is not an expense, rather a value creator. Karpel Solutions have been our technology support organization for several years. We outsourced all of our technology support to them including servers, workstations, software updates and the VoIP application (phone network). We have ...Read More

George Gagen
IT Director
BancStar, Inc.

Karpel is Responsive. We call. Karpel answers. We have a problem. Karpel fixes it. We want a creative solution. Karpel figures it out. We need an IT company that gets where we're going and how technology can support that vision. We are bakers and we don't have the time or energy ...Read More

Josh Allen
Bread Guy
Companion Baking