Karpel Solutions has been our IT partner for several years during a period of significant growth in our portfolio and technology complexity in the senior living industry. From help desk support and managing our vendor relationships to interacting with our sophisticated investment ...Read More

Bob Karn
Executive Vice President & CFO
Allegro Senior Living

Karpel has been a strategic partner of ours for many years through our growth and expansion of our banking locations.It’s comforting to know that they understand our industry and specifically our company and its unique needs. Their knowledge of network security and their responsiveness ...Read More

Joseph C. Stewart III
President & CEO
Bank Star / BancStar Inc.

Karpel is Responsive. We call. Karpel answers. We have a problem. Karpel fixes it. We want a creative solution. Karpel figures it out. We need an IT company that gets where we're going and how technology can support that vision. We are bakers and we don't have the time or energy ...Read More

Josh Allen
Bread Guy
Companion Baking